St MacNissi's Church, Randalstown

Client’s Comments


We needed a new church to replace our previous building destroyed by fire. We wanted a building that was rectilinear, had no columns and yet expressed the principles of liturgical reform. Mr. Brian Quinn’s interest and expertise in church liturgy made for a good understanding and working relationship. The interior design of the church and the positioning of the liturgical pieces are intended to express what is important in our faith and to act as a catechetical aid.



Architect’s Comments


Accommodating 850, St. MacNissi’s is designed to symbolise faith. Slate and basalt speak of archetypal and eternal values. External crosses express progression from old to new. The Holy Spirit, in a circular stained glass window, is visible upon approach. The entrance gable, separated from the main building, emphasises entry as faith commitment. A glazed entrance screen, floor pattern and canopy delineate the baptistery. The altar, symbol of Christ, dominates the interior. Seating expresses the nature of the assembly and Christ’s presence. The ambo and chair reflect relative theological importance by location. The tabernacle, in a private chapel, is visible from the interior thus the communal and individual nature of the Reserved Sacrament are expressed. Stained glass depicts the Resurrection story from the empty tomb to Christ’s assumption.


The contract was completed in twelve months. Value of the contract was £1.5 million.

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