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We have over twenty years of experience of working with individual clients and committees. In that time we have developed and honed a way of working that is orientated to making your proposal as successful as it can possibly be within the constraints of the project. Our method is founded on the sound principles of the Royal Institute of British Architects' Plan of Work but adapted to projects for religious clients whether they be parishes, cathedrals, worshipping communities or religious orders.

Many projects begin with a perceived need. This may be physical and immediate such as a leaking roof or lack of space, or, it may be intuitive such as a dissatisfaction with the worship space in general or a simple desire to update a tired interior to fully express the mission of that community.

Whatever the reason, we can engage with you in such a way as to make sure that you take into account all of the factors that may impinge on your project. This may involve presentations on the history of church architecture or maybe facilitation of workshops to discern the priorities of a given community. All of this ensures that when decisions are to be made it is with a full knowledge of all of the implications.

Allied to this is the fact that we do not have a particular aesthetic style in our work. Each project is different because each client is different. The proposals are developed in tandem which leads inevitably to a unique outcome for each set of circumstances.

Due to the wide variety of clients we have worked with it is only possible to give a flavour of our style of working with you here so if you think we may be of help contact us to discuss your requiements in more detail.

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